Fact Sheet

About your travel to Denmark:

Is your passport valid for the entire stay?

You may, from certain countries, need a visa to be admitted to Denmark. Make sure if this concerns you.  If so, you must apply as soon as you get a message, that you are chosen to attend the camp, as there can be a long waiting time to obtain a visa!

Insurance minimum covering health, risk, and 3rd party liability.

Travel expences must be paid by yourself to and from the camp. The airport you fly to will be Copenhagen Airport (CPH).  From there you go by train to Slagelse Railway Station (Slagelse st.), where we will pick you up.  Here you can find the train schedule and you can buy your ticket at the same page: https://rejseplanen.dk/webapp/?language=en_EN#!P|TP!histId|0!histKey|H660677

Trains will depart from the airport frequently. The airport or train staff will help you if needed. If you are really lost, please call:   +45    5853 0777

Here we are: https://www.google.com/maps/@55.3982941,11.3531623,10.79z?hl=en

You must bring following items with you to Denmark:

Money for snacks, icecreem, souvenirs etc. All meals and something to drink with the meals is covered by the camp fee. The Danish currency is Danish Kroner. Most other European countries use Euro which equals 7,50 Kroner. You may bring Euro if Danish Kroner are too difficult to obtain. You can use credit cards (Visa, Master Card) most places here. You can obtain cash using your credit card at an ATM in the airport or other places. The Camp Fee of 1500,- Danish Kroner (or200 EURO) must be paid in advance. If this causes trouble, you must contact the camp coordinator. 

Clothing for 14 days as washing options will be limited. 

Sleeping bag.

Casual wear for warm and colder weather. See Q & A page for weather conditions.

Swimming suit / trunks

Footwear – also for wet conditions and for some walking distance.

Rain gear.

Toiletry items such as tooth brush, hair shampoo, soap etc.

Two thin towels (thin towels will dry quicker than thick ones)

A soft handbag or big plastic bags for your luggage during the sailing days (a hard suitcase will not fit in the ships storage space, – we will store it safely while you go sailing).

Maybe a music instrument?

A little flag from your country, approximately 6 to 9 cm. long. (Just make it yourself.)

What more do you need to know? See the Q & A page. If you find no answer there, please write an e-mail to: campbonavista2023@gmail.com