Sailing Camp Bonavista 2023

Slagelse Rotary Club and Slagelse-Antvorskov Rotary Club, district 1480, Denmark are inviting you to a Short Term Camp with participants from all over the world.

Camp  Coordinator will be Michael Tonning, Nordvej 5, 4200 Slagelse,  Denmark, landline phone: +45 – 5853 0777, e-mail:

We invite 15 participants between the age of 17 and 23, equally mixed  male and female. Only one from each country will be admitted unless there are vacant places.  English will be the camp language.

The main purpose of the camp is bringing young people together in order to build better understanding of other cultures and people worldwide. Maybe the very best way to achieve this goal is sailing 6 days at a 108 year old sailing ship called Bonavista, where everybody will have duties to perform and fun time together. You will set the sails, you will clean the deck, and you will in turn help cooking, during the night watchout for other ships  is needed, and maybe you will even steer the ship at times. In between just hang out and be together, learning about each other little by little. If you play an instrument, which can withstand an occational salty mist from the sea, please bring it along. The ship has a certified captain and crew member + two Rotarians on board.

The remaining 8 days in total will be on land in Denmark enjoying nature and culture. For the two first days after your arrival, you will all be staying together in a cottage, where you will have time to get to know each other in between a couple of outings. Everybody is expected to help cooking and other things we need to do while staying together. Then we are sailing, and the rest of the days after sailing for 6 days, you will live as a Viking, be hosted with Rotarians and other fun stuff.


E-mail to be used concerning this camp:

The camp will have a website, where you can find the detailed program and updates:

Arrival in Denmark is Saturday July 29th., departure back home will be Saturday August 12th, 2023. You must arrange your own travel and pay travel expences to and from the camp.

You must have an insurance covering health, risk, and 3rd. party liability.
You must bring a camp fee of 200,- EURO if you do not submit the amount in advance (preferred).
If you suffer from allergies and/or have specific food requirements, it must be stated in your application.


APPLICATION: The Rotary Standard Application EEMA or ask your local Rotary Club how to apply.

Please send application as PDF to:
YEO Bent Giebel
Multidistrict Denmark – District 1440-1480
(Chairman Short Term Exchange Denmark)
Applications must be submitted before May 1st.

Download invitation

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Click on the image and download the Camp 2023 invitation in a pdf version.