Q & A

This page will hopefully help you getting your questions answered. If not, please look at the other pages, or finally ask the camp coordinator Michael Tønning by e-mail:  michael@tonning.net


Q:  How is the weather in Denmark?

A:  Day temperatures in August are as an average 21 deg. C., – nights  13 deg. C.  It may be 10 degrees higher or 6 degrees lower. August may have 6 rainy days. If you will see these wet days, you are to find out here.  See this page for the weather forecast:  https://www.yr.no/en    (Search:  Slagelse)

Q:  Is it allowed and safe to swim in the ocean in Denmark?

A:  Yes – if you are a good swimmer and follow our rules such as never swim alone, swim only where you can reach the bottom easily and get out of the water before you get cold.

Q:  Can I arrive before the camp starts or leave some days after it ends?

A:  It is actually up to you and your family when you cross the Danish border, but we can not accommodate you or help you in any other way before or after the camp dates.

Q:  My sister would like to come along, will it be okay?

A:  No way. The participants must be from as different places as possible.

Q:  I do not speak enough English. Can I use a translation app on my phone?

A:  You must speak and understand English well enough to understand common things instantly. Not least for safety reasons while sailing. And you will be lonely, if you do not participate in the common talk.

Q:  Can I have a room for myself?

A:  No, on board the ship all will be sleeping in hammocks in the same large room. While on land, you will sleep in rooms for 2 to 4 persons. Here will be girls rooms and boys rooms separately.

Q:  Do I need to have sailing experience?

A:  No, everybody can join the camp, as the ship has a professional crew, who will guide you in everything you need to do to participate in sailing the ship. 

Q: Is it allowed to smoke cannabis in Denmark?

A: No, – if you are caught using any kind of drugs or being drunk, you are heading for the next plane home.

Q:  Will my cell phone work in Denmark?

A:  You need to ask your phone provider where you live. If they tell you, that your phone will not work, you will have to find another phone. If it is only the SIM card giving problems, we may help you to obtain a Danish SIM card. Ask weeks before you arrive!!!